A brief introduction to the team
I have had a love for art (probably inherited from my fantastic mum) for as long as I can remember. Art provides us with endless possibilities and outcomes, with each piece containing the possibility to become anything the artist can imagine.

Over the last few years, I have started to experiment with drawings, moving from doodles in schoolwork to sketches and from sketches to finished pieces. Focusing on the animal world, I aim to bring creatures to life within my pencil pieces. I also experiment with other media, such as ink sketches, coloured pencil, paint and photography. The scenic Scottish countryside and its wildlife contain a lifetime’s worth of inspiration; all it takes is having the motivation to use it.


I am a professional botanical photographer, living in beautiful Kinross-shire, and working in Edinburgh.

I joined Science and Advice for Scottish Agriculture ( in 1985, fully qualified but relatively inexperienced in botanical photography. Nearly three decades of on the job training have refined my technical skills and shown me how to focus on the hidden and extraordinary details rather than the obvious.

By capturing some of the magical combinations of light, colour and texture that surround us, I hope to share the beauty I see in plants (and the natural world in general).